Ziva Stahl CV

Dr Ziva Stahl

Dr Ziva Stahl is the Director of the Nutrition Department, at the Israeli Ministry of health. Ziva is a visitor teacher at the Public Health & Epidemiology Department, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Ziva received her BSc degree from the Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot, Israel, her M.Med.Sc & Ph.D  degrees are from the Ben Gurion University Of The Negev Isreal, Faculty of Faculty Of Health Sciences. Recognized as a registered dietitian (RD) in Israel.
Some of Zivas Responsibilities include representing nutrition matters at the Ministry of Health; advising about nutrition policies and implementations. Initiating, instructing, directing and designing of surveys and research in order to evaluate the nutritional status of the Israeli population. Extracting the conclusions and implementing the results from these works. Initiating publications, guidelines and information materials. Establishing and maintaining relationships with institutions and organizations in Israel and abroad regarding nutrition and health matters.
Ziva's personal nutritional interests include diabetes, nutrition influence on  brain  & mental function, and more.