Workshop 9: Spread the health on a piece of bread…

Date & Time

Tuesday, June 12; 09:00-13:00

Angel Bakery, Industrial Area, North Lod

Dr. Rani Polak- MD and manager of cooking workshops for heart diseases, diabetes, Coeliac disease and healthy gourmet cooking  in Hadasa optimal
Ram Eyal (MSC)- Chief food technologist and quality control officer, Angel Bakery
Hadas Yariv (MBA, MSC)- Food technologist and nutrition specialist. Nutrition and corporate responsibility consultant
Background & nformation

Everything you wanted to know about bread and did not dare to ask

Imagine a world without bread.

During your morning break, Dieticians would recommend on eating 5 % fat cheese with a teaspoon (since we can no t make sandwich), wipe humus with our fingers or eat it with a fork.  And what about toasts? How will we make them? Where will we put the phalaphel balls? How will we say the Kiddush on Sabbath?

With out bread…the world would not be the same
We welcome you to explore all this and more

In a unique workshop that will be held in Angel's Bakery, the participants will be exposed to the history of the bread, the development of the bread market in Israel through the eyes of Angel's Bakery and will prepare healthy breads on their own.
During the day, we will hold a tour in the bakery guided by the bakery's chief technologist who will focus on the process of making bread from the 1st step of receiving the raw materials through kneading, baking and packing.
During the tour the participants will observe the past techniques of baking bread vs. today's' modern technology, quality control processes and the daily dilemmas that lay in the dissonance between progress and traditional consumption culture.
Later on, we will hold a workshop directed by Dr. Rani Polak in which dieticians will be given the opportunity "to feel the sensation of different dough", the differences, the impacts, tips and of course will bake their own creations and taste them.
Amongst all this, Hadas Yariv, food technologist and nutrition specialist, will give a lecture on bread; its ingredients etc… during the lecture, the participantts will explore the process of developing different bread products, the combination of taste, wellness and regulation. We will discover what lies beneath the bread label, what are the different kinds of flour and when to use each one of them ( whole wheat, white rye, leaven and more)
Chairperson- Hadas Yariv, MBA, MSC, Food technologist and nutrition specialist

09:00-09:30 - Reception, Greetings, Refreshments
09:30- 09:45 - Get together, Angels' bakery history review and the bread market in Israel
09:45- 10:30 - Plant tour guided by Ram Eyal
10:30- 11:00 - Baking workshop, Dr. Rani Polak
11:00- 12:00 - Hadas Yariv
12:00- 13:00 - bread market in Israel- Wellness vs. Comfort
13:00 - Brunch

The number of participants in the workshop is limited and is subject to pre registration.
The workshop will take place in Angels Bakery, Industrial zone, north Lod
A shuttle to and from the workshop will leave at 8 am from the parking lot in Arlozorov's train station, Tel Aviv.