Workshop 8: Adventurous Workshops in the Galilee - Olive oil, Visions, Scents and tastes

Date & Time
Tuesday, June 12; 09:00-16:30

In the Galilee

Dr. Zohar Kerem
Do you know what is cold press?
How cold press of olives produces the high quality oils?
Have you seen a mill, where cold press is performed?
Since when was cold press the bench mark in olive oil production?
Is there sodium in olive oil?
How much oil is there in canned olives?
How many calories are in canned olive fruits?
How are canned olives produced?
Who would you NOT recommend to consume olive fruits?
How much olive oil is consumed in a proper Mediterranean diet?
How can you be certain that the oil you purchase is a cold press extra virgin olive oil (EVO)?
Since when where olives cultivated and oil produced in the holi-land?
Come join us to our exciting trip to the north pf Israel, and get the answers to all the above and more! 

Departing with shuttles from Tel Aviv at 07:30 am

Track 1

09:00-10:45 - We will start with a visit to Tzippori, an organic olive press, ancient olive vineyards and the Byzantine church

11:00-12:45 - We will arrive to Iksal, visit modern olive vineyards and an olive press where we will hold an olive oil tasting workshop

13:00-13:45 - Lunch in Andrin resaurant

13:45-14:00 - Greetings

15:30-14:00 - Scientific Program (by Dr. Zohar Kerem):
Truths and Myths
Zohar Kerem, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Olive Oil as a basic Ingredient in the Arab Israeli Diet - Why should we add olive oil to our diet?
Lili Nimri, R.D. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Organoleptic Assessment of Olive Oil Produced During the Cultivation Period of 2011-12 in Messini (Messinia, Greece)
Vasilios Demopoulus, Kalamata, Greece

Anti-oxidant effects of olive oil extracts: in-vitro functional and proteomic studies
Baukje De Roos, Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health, UK  
Local traditions in growing olives and olive oil
Nasser Khateeb, Deir Hanna

Track 2

09:30-10:30 - Visit in the visiting center of Kfar Manda, an association that empowers and encourages women's workforce in the Arab sector

11:00-12:30 - A visit to Dir Hanna, ancient olive trees, the hart of the village and a visit to an ancient olive press with olive oil tasting

13:00-13:45 - Refreshment break in Nazareth

15:30-14:00 – Olive oil conference in Nazareth (by Dr. Zohar Kerem)
• Traditional Olive farm
• Olive oil forgeries in the world
• Tales on the olive and its oil

15:30-16:00 - Tour in Nazareth