Workshop 7: The Leadership Challenge

Date & Time
Wednesday, June 13; 15:30-18:30

The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center

Beatriz Dyckes, PhD, RD, LD, FADA
President, Bea Dykes and Associates, Inc.
Nutrition Education, Food Systems and Dietetic Management Consultants
Dr Ziva Stahl, Ph.D. RD
Director Nutrition department
Ministry of Health, Israel


In a world of important issues and challenges, the need for leadership has never been greater.  Today, more than ever, it is not enough to be competent, accurate, and safe in the practice of dietetics. The need for transformational leadership skills that include competencies in a changing world will enable the practitioners to better reach other professionals and the public.  Colleagues and customers will benefit greatly from an understanding of these leadership traits.  Focus of the presentation is the recognition that leadership development is an integral part of the professional training at all levels.
Included in the workshop is the 21st century innovation in the management of hospital foodservice operations.  The expectation for service in inpatient settings have changed dramatically over the years.  Good food is expected and the focus of health providers today is on customer satisfaction with meals in a competitive market.  The trends in patient food delivery systems include room service and the use of technology to expedite patient services in an effort to increase customer satisfaction with a higher level of service while reducing costs through the reduction of waste and unnecessary services.   

The future in the dietetics profession depends on transformational leadership skills and innovative practices. The need for mentoring and coaching is most important as our future depends on them…our young colleagues.

Dr Ziva stahl, will present the Israeli requirements , regulation and supervision of  the nutritional and dietetics in hospitals in Israel. The reform in internship to include hospital foodservice in the nutrition practice. The Israeli National  Program for Healthy & Active Lifestyle from the workshop from the prospective of food services in Israel.

* The Number of participants is limited
* Participation is granted upon receipt of payment