Workshop 5: Dietary Treatments for Epilepsy and Other Neurologic Disorders

Date & Time
Thursday, June 14; 15:00-19:00

The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center

Prof. Eric H. W. Kossoff, MD
Associate Professor, Neurology and Pediatrics Medical Director, Ketogenic Diet Center Director, Pediatric Neurology Residency Program Suite 2158 - 200 North Wolfe Street Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD 21287
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Zahava Turner, RD CSP LDN
Pediatric Dietitian Clinical Specialist II Johns Hopkins Hospital 600 N Wolfe Street Brady 3 Baltimore MD 21287
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Introduction- Bergers - Story of Oliver
Prof. Eric Heath William Kossoff, MD

Basics of the ketogenic diet - history, indications, efficacy for seizures, use around the world
Prof. Eric Heath William Kossoff
Zahava Turner
There is a great need for educational programs to teach dietitians and neurologists how to implement low carb diets for the treatment of epilepsy. This workshop will address that need.

The goals & objectives are:
1.  To teach dietitians the basis for when to start the ketogenic diet modified Atkins diet, and both of their history.
2.  To inform dietitians on the details of how exactly to start, maintain, and stop the diets for children with epilepsy.
3.  To provide real-life cases and examples of both good situations and side effects on dietary treatment to inform future care.
Target Audience
Dietitians, Neurologists.