Workshop 10: Contribution of the Middle East to the Mediterranean Diet

Date & Time
Friday, June 15

Visits to the north of Israel (Baracke factory and Spices farm located in Bethlehem of Galilee)

Dr. Niva Shapira, RD, Agr.
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Dr.Niva Shapira RD, Agr.
Prof. Nissim Garty - Manager of Rushdi Food Industries
Rushdi Food Industries was established in 1984 as a joint venture between a group of Arab entrepreneurs and the know-how of Telma, a subsidiary of "Koor Industries" and one of the leading food brands in Israel. This venture resulted in a success story that lasted for over 20 years, becoming the primary producer of tahini and halva in the Israeli market. Rushdi recognized the opportunity to create a specialized food brand – "Baracke", aimed at the growing segment of tahini and halva consumers.
Today, "Baracke" is one of Israel's largest producers of tahini & halva.
Tahini: Tahini is a tasty traditional food that is used in various forms in the Arab and Middle Eastern kitchen.  Baracke tahini is produced from pure sesame seeds, using a traditional production process, preserving all the nutritional values of sesame paste that is rich in anti oxidants, protein, iron, magnesium, calcium and fibers. Scientific and medical research has shown that sesame seeds have high anti-oxidant contents which help neutralize various toxins in our body.
Whole Sesame Tahini, which naturally contains no cholesterol (there is no cholesterol in sesame), provides almost double the iron contents of beef, and five times more calcium than milk.
Halva: Halva is a sweet traditional oriental delicacy served as a dessert or a snack. Halva has a creamy texture and is sometimes described as "the chocolate of the Middle East". Essentially it is a lot healthier than chocolate since it consists mainly of sesame paste and is rich in protein, iron and calcium.
The participants will experience the opportunity to see the tahini and the halva process from A to Z.
During the visit to the Spices farm, the participants will be able to be introduced to the wonderful world of  herbs and its process from nature to the Mediterranean table.
Transportation: at 7:30am from HaShalom Train Station.

Target Audience
The workshop is designed to health professionals who would like to combine fun and professionalism

(By invitation only)