Workshop 1: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Movement and Music: Harmonious Continuum

Date & Time
Tuesday, June 12; 09:00-14:00

Ribstein Center for Sport Medicine Sciences & Research, Wingate Institute, Israel

Ayelet Weinstein
RD, Head, Nutrition Division, Ribstein Center for Sport Medicine Sciences & Research, Wingate Institute, Israel

Itzik Weinstein
Ph.D. School of Physical Education, Ohalo Academic College of Education, Katzerin, School of Nutrition, Tel Hai Academic College and The Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Part 1:
Motivational Music
Michal Elyakim
, M.A
Music and Sport
Prof. Alon Eliakim

Biofeedback Training in Sport and Exercise Psychology: from the Laboratory to the Field
Boris Blumenstein
, Ph.D

Does Music affect Eating Habits?
Ayelet Weinstein
, RD
Part 2:
Biofeedback training and self-regulation: some simple concepts from sport, physical activity and health
Boris Blumenstein, Ph.D.
Music Motivates Movement (the MMM approach)
Iris Duanis

Music as a powerful mean to stimulate physical and emotional feelings, thoughts and associations
Michal Elyakim, M.A.

Part 3:
Eating Experience in a Musical Surrounding
Speaker: TBA
During programs of nutritional intervention, the clinician (physician, nutritionist etc.) often encounters difficulties in motivating patients to make the necessary modifications in nutritional and physical activity habits and in ways to attain mental and emotional stability. Music and movement may be one of the effective ways to support the nutritional intervention program and to enhance the motivation to make changes in physical activity and nutritional patterns.
The aim of the workshop is to expose the participants to the combination of music (rhythm, harmony and melody), physical activity and nutrition in order to: (1) to experience the motivational effects of music on physical activity and nutritional habits, and (2) to practice techniques that manipulate mental stability as a means to enhance nutritional intervention and the motivation to change living habits.
Target Audience
Dietitians, Physicians, Nurses