A variety of professional workshops will take place during the Conference. These will combine research and science with experience, and will give experts and health practitioners the opportunity to learn more about their field of interest in Israel.

These workshops will take place in leading medical, health, education and sports institutes and clinics, as well as in popular food markets, aromatic plants and herbs fields around the country.

The workshops will deal with topics such as Mediterranean Nutrition: From the Field to the Plate; Special Nourishment; Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.

Special attention will be given to sports nutrition, with a workshop that will take place at the Wingate Institute – The National Institute for Sports. Participants will have the chance to meet leading sports medicine and science experts who work with the country’s elite athletes. The workshop will combine the most recent knowledge from the sports sciences as well as active engagement in physical activity.

All the workshops will be conducted by local and world leading experts.
Don’t miss the opportunity to have first-hand experience of nutrition in Israel.

List of Workshops:
Workshop 1: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Movement and Music: Harmonious Continuum - Click here
Workshop 2: Calorimetry: Clinical Practice (SOLD OUT) - Click here
Workshop 3: "Finish Your Meal or Else" - Eating Disorders - Infants and Toddlers (SOLD OUT) - Click here
Workshop 4: Effective Writing of Scientific Papers - Click here
Workshop 5: Dietary Treatments for Epilepsy and Other Neurologic Disorders - Click here
Workshop 6: Transference and Counter-Transference Among Team Members Treating Weight - Related Problem - Click here
Workshop 7: The Leadership Challenge - Click here
Workshop 8: Adventurous Workshops in the Galilee - Olive oil, Visions, Scents and tastes - Click here
Workshop 9: Spread the health on a piece of bread… - Click here
Workshop 10: Contribution of the Middle East to the Mediterranean Diet - Click here