Naomi Trostler CV

Naomi Trostler, PhD, RD

Naomi Trostler, PhD, RD, was four terms the director of the School of Nutritional Sciences at the Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she has been involved in numerous clinical nutrition curriculum development endeavors. She has published 48 articles in scientific journals and presented over 60 abstracts in scientific meetings. She served on the editorial board of World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics, and is on the editorial board of Nutrition Today. She served in various capacities in the Association of Israeli Dietitians and the American Dietetic association where she developed the Practice Based research Network and managed several practice based research projects. She received ADA's Medallion award for service to the profession of dietetics, and was honored several times by the American Overseas Dietetic association for her outstanding contribution to international dietetics. Her research centers on studies on health and metabolic outcomes of immigrants from Ethiopia to Israel. She currently is conducting several collaborative national and international practice based research outcome studies.