Elliot M. Berry CV

Elliot M. Berry MD, FRCP

Dr Elliot Berry graduated from the University of Cambridge, UK with distinction in medicine. In 1980 he won a Fogarty Research fellowship at the Rockefeller University to work on fat cell metabolism. His principal research interests are the bio-psycho-social problems of weight regulation from obesity to anorexia nervosa, and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. His laboratory work focuses on the effects of nutrition on cognitive function. He coordinates the multi-disciplinary hospital team treating adult eating disorders. In the medical school he teaches medicine, nutrition and public health, and has been voted three times as an outstanding lecturer. Berry has published over 230 articles and chapters in books, and is on the editorial board of three journals on clinical nutrition. He is full professor in both Internal Medicine and Nutrition. He has been a visiting scientist at the dept of Brain & Cognitive sciences at MIT, a distinguished visiting scholar at Christ’s College, Cambridge and a visiting Professor at Yale University. Berry has chaired national committees for food supplementation and obesity and is an advisor to the Ministry of Health on nutrition. Dr Berry is a consultant for the WHO, World Bank and the Serbian Government in Public Health. He was the Director of the Braun School of Public Health & Community Medicine (2003-6), and is currently Director of the Dept of Human Nutrition & Metabolism at the Hebrew University-Hadassah and Head of the WHO Collaborating Center in Capacity Building in Public Health.